Full Face Mask For Snorkeling- Easy Breath- 180? Panoramic Seaview- Rainbow Mirror Lenses HD- Design Scuba Mask- Anti-Leak & Anti-Fog- Adjustable Silicone Straps

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Our UNIQUE FULL FACE MASK for snorkeling will make your holiday special. All the details in the full face snorkel mask are thought through! The distinct respiratory mask construction permits you to breathe freely and easily. No more annoying tubes in the mouth! No discomfort throughout diving! Thanks to this design and to a longer and wider tube, you’ll enjoy the wonderful thing about the underwater world for so long as you wish to have. Your breath will not blur the rainbow lenses. Unlike other similar masks, you don’t have to use the anti-fog coating.

RAINBOW MIRROR coating of our anti-fog and anti-leak mask for snorkel protects your eyes and makes the world brighter! Bright and attention-grabbing Rainbow mirror lenses HD will give you a picture full of bright colours. A view of the underwater world through these lenses is much sharper and brighter than through the usual transparent polycarbonate ones.

In Our Premium Package You Can Find: a full face easy breath snorkel mask with Rainbow lenses, a durable storing bag, O-rings

WARNING : ! This mask, as all full-face masks, is not designed for diving into depth. The maximum depth of the short-term diving is 1-2 meters. If you go deeper, the tube valve blocks the access of water and air, and you’re going to not be able to breathe.

! Make sure that the hair on your head and face do not hinder the easy breath mask full face for snorkeling to fit tightly.

EXCLUSIVE COLOURFUL RAINBOW MIRROR LENSES: Unlike conventional lenses, our lenses provide a bright, colourful and clear HD-picture of the underwater world. A 180? panoramic view will make your underwater world eõperience limitless!
THE UNIQUE BREATHING EXTERNAL CHAMBER: exhaled air passes through a special separated cell, which prevents fogging of the lenses and does not spoil the view. Thanks to this system, the lens of the snorkeling mask full face does not require the application of anti-fog coating.
UV-400 PROTECTION: your eyes will at all times be secure from sunlight in the water and on the land!
SPECIAL SILICONE: our snorkel easy breath full face mask does not cause allergies or irritation to the skin. Prime quality and non-toxicity cause no discomfort throughout long dives.
FOUR ADJUSTABLE SILICONE STRAPS WITH CLASP: Unlike swimming masks with elastic straps, our soft silicone straps completed with a clasp allow you to take the snorkel mask full face on and off quickly without tangling the hair making it very convenient and fast.