Extra Wide Stadium Seat Chair for Bleachers or Benches – Enjoy Padded Cushion Backs and Armrest Support – 6 Reclining Custom Fit Sport Positions – Portable with Easy to Carry Straps – Set of 2

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Foldeded up with armrests:

  • 17 inch wide seat
  • 15 inch long seat
  • 15 inch high backrest
  • 3 inch wide armrests on each side

Folded up without armrests:

  • 23 inch wide seat
  • 15 high long seat
  • 15 inch high backrest
  • No armrests

Flat and Ready to Carry:

  • 23 inches wide
  • 33 inches long
  • 2.5 inches thick

Enjoy the Entire Game in Comfort

When was the last time you had to sit down on those rock-hard (and either ice-cold or blazing hot) benches and bleachers at sports games or concerts?

By the half-way point, you are ready for ANYTHING but the painful distress of sitting your bony behind on a hard, flat, unforgiving surface for hours on end. You shift and twist. Nothing helps. Even getting up to walk around does not help. Because you know you just have to sit down down on that painful bench again.

That is why you should not go another game without this incredibly well-designed and well-built Stadium Seat. It has extra-padded seat cushion plus the armrests for at-home easy chair comfort – you are going to not imagine that this is merely a stadium seat that you easily sling over your shoulder and carry to and from your car to the stadium.

And, since it has SIX different adjustment angles, You’ll be able to tailor fit the chair to just the right angle for your personal comfort and viewing ease.

Also this chair can be used an out of doors chair, camping seat or a beach chair.

If you aren’t fully convinced that this is the BEST chair you have ever purchased, just return it for a full refund of your purchase price. We are that sure you’re going to LOVE this Stadium Seat.

This product is very large. Please read the dimensions and imagine the size before purchasing.

ENJOY THE GAME IN COMFORT AND STYLE! Now You’ll be able to enjoy the game comfortably until the last innings or even if it goes into overtime!
EXTRA-PADDED BACK CUSHION and ANTISKID BOTTOM (NO NEED FOR A HOOK)! You’ll be able to feel like you’re in your favorite easy chair at home!
WIDE CHAIR WITH 6 RECLINING POSITIONS FOR A “DIALED IN” FIT! You’ll be able to adjust your seat to the angle that’s most comfortable for you!
STURDY fit on any bleacher – easy to carry straps! Works anywhere. Easy to carry! Durable skid and water-resistant bottom helps on various surfaces even as keeping dry
PRODUCT DETAILS – 17 inch wide seat, 15 inch long seat, 15 inch backrest, 3 inch armrest on each side.